A great story about a great man. Thanks, Joe Posnanski.

NBC SportsWorld


The legendary pitcher Satchel Paige called Buck O’Neil “Nancy.” Why? According to Buck, it had something to do with a pretty woman named Nancy whom Satchel had invited to see him play ball in Chicago.

“We’re at the Evans Hotel in Chicago. Satchel and I are in the lobby, in front of a bay window, sipping on a little tea. A cab drives up, and out steps Nancy, pretty as a picture. Satchel gets the bellman and they take all her stuff up to Satchel’s room. I go back to sitting at the table.

“I wasn’t there 20 minutes, when another cab drives up. And out steps Lahoma. Lahoma was Satchel’s fiancée. I said, ‘Oh, oh,’ I greeted Lahoma, and I said, ‘So good to see you, Satchel stepped out with some reporters, but he will be back presently. Come sit down and have whatever you want.’ She ordered…

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