New Music: Faith Evans-Fragile

I have said many times, to many people, that I am a Faith Evans stan. All is right in the world when I hear her sing. I’m such a fan that I have said that I would take Faith over Mary J. Blige any day. However, as the story has played out over their careers, Mary is the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul and Faith is….well she’s been nicknamed The First Lady. If Faith had Mary’s material, she would have several blockbuster, seminal albums on her ledger just like Mary does. Since Mary has several great, essential albums in her discography, she often gets the shine (for good reason) while Faith has to play the back.

However, she won’t be playing the back on this one. Coming from her new album Incomparable, which will be out on November 24th, is a new single called “Fragile.” Faith once again brings the goods on this retro-styled, horn-filled track. The song evokes a musical time of the past, but Ms. Evans vocals are once again, timeless.

Don’t take it from me though-you can hear it for yourself. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. If the picture on the Soundcloud file is her album cover…my, my, my. The First Lady is looking mighty good indeed.

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