The Voice 12/2 Recap: Five Guys Will Do More

So, after the dust settles on another Voice episode, and there are no female artists left. Don’t know about you, but I find that really shocking. When the blind auditions began, I thought there were several artists that had lots of potential, but many of them were eliminated early on. Then they were whittled down from the final twenty, to the final twelve, ten and eight and now with five contestants remaining, there are five guys going for the crown. Although, one may come back due to the new rule that allows one of the eliminated singers to return to the competition once they get down to the final three. But as it stands right now, a guy will walk away with the title of The Voice.

As for the show tonight, America saved Matt McAndrew, Damien, Taylor John Williams and Craig Wayne Boyd. In my opinion, those were the best performers from last night. That left DaNica Shirey, Luke Wade, Ryan Sill (again!) and Chris Jamison in position to sing for their lives. Of the four, I thought DaNica was the best, but even so, it wasn’t her best performance. The other three belonged at the bottom based on their performances Monday night.

After the final performances and the instant save votes were counted, Jamison made it through to the semifinals. While I was not a great fan of his version of “Sexual Healing” the night before, he was the best performer of the final four left to sing to continue on the show. I feel especially bad for Luke and DaNica. Luke was the first voice to be heard when the season started and he wowed with his performance of “That’s How Strong My Love Is.” And he continued with a string of strong performances…until his version of “Holding Back The Years” drowned him in an unflattering arrangement which I believe affected his performance. DaNica has a great voice-I loved her voice. But her performance of “Sweet Dreams” was not her finest hour and she couldn’t overcome it. As for Ryan Sill, he just ran out of chances. He was good, but certainly he wasn’t good enough at this level of the competition.

So next week, The Voice does Five Guys…without the burgers. It’s an intriguing group. Chris Jamison may be the weakest of the five but he may have the most fervent fan base (all those screaming girls can’t be wrong-can they)? Matt McAndrew and Damien have to be looked at as favorites, but I think Craig Wayne Boyd has a good shot to win the whole thing. Taylor John Williams looks to be a dark horse, but he may also have the most individual style out of the five.

Another surprise-at least to me-is that Pharrell Williams has no one left in the competition. It was my contention that Pharrell had the strongest team when we arrived at the top twenty singers. Sadly, he has only himself to blame-his song choices and arrangements did in his last two artists. Adam Levine, on the other hand, has all three of his artists still going strong. Damien and Matt are perhaps the two strongest performers left in the running, and with Jamison, he has someone who will get votes, even if his performances aren’t up to par.

Can’t wait for the performances next week.

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