Guilty Pleasure Song: “Loyal”

When I hear it play, for those four-plus minutes: my head bobs, my shoulders shake. I even have been caught singing the chorus.

After it’s over, I reflect on the lyrics. There is not one redeeming word or phrase anywhere. Not. One.

It’s all right-but it’s all wrong. I don’t want to like it, but I can’t help myself.

My not wanting to like it has nothing to do with Chris Brown, who depending on your feelings, is one of the most talented artists out today or one of the most loathsome figures walking the earth. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. Life is lived in shades of gray anyway. He’s good enough, but that has nothing to do with not wanting to like the song.

I have two daughters. I think of them when I reflect on the lyrics. The debate about “hoes” and “bitches” in rap lyrics has sailed on by, and yet song after song disrespects women in this way…and many women just keep right on going on. I bet many of those women sing the chorus too. Probably can’t help it, either.

But when that beat starts, the body forgets those thoughts. The mind pushes them back to a small corner, while the head bobs and the shoulders shake. Some kind of modified two-step dance takes over (not in the car though-I can only get by with the first two).

The song even came out with three versions: Original, East Coast and West Coast. Tyga, French Montana and Too Short making the difference with their guest verses. I thought Too Short had finished his rap career, but they brought him back out one more time. Blow The Whistle, indeed. And Lil’ Wayne’s opening bars can be found on all three. Wayne was never one of my favorites, but at least he makes some kind of coherent sense this time out.

Guilty pleasures are things that you like but you know you shouldn’t. This song qualifies in spades. The versions below are NSFW-clean versions are available though.

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