Rain On Christmas

It’s not a Christmas song. At least I don’t think it is. Yet David Sanborn had the idea to name a tune “Rain On Christmas.” And because I like it, I play it once every year, just because it has Christmas in the title. So, at least to me, it IS a Christmas song.

Sanborn’s former label, Warner Brothers, even got in on the act, including it in an album called Jazz Christmas, in which it was the lead track. The jazz definition was very broad to include Sanborn, James Carter, Cyrus Chestnut, and Gabriela Anders under one roof. Carter and Chestnut may have the most in common, at least in terms of recorded output. But, that’s the wonders of marketing. The five track album can be found on Spotify here:
Given the weather situation here in Maryland on this Christmas Eve, the song fits. Now Christmas Day, it’s supposed to be dry. But today, it’s a heavy rain day. This month of December has been a little short on sunny days, in my opinion. Lots of clouds and rain. So why wouldn’t Christmas have some too-I mean, why should it miss out on all the dreary, damp fun?
At any rate, Sanborn’s “Rain On Christmas”, at least title-wise, fits. Enjoy.

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