Best Christmas Ever

I’ve been around for a lot of Christmases, and I’ve received my fair share of gifts. But the best gift I’ve received wasn’t something I asked for. It was a simple Christmas card.

The image above was given to me by a child of one of my new neighbors. If you follow me at all, you may know that I just moved to a new residence just a little under a month ago. Most of that month has been a blur, what with putting furniture and items in their proper places, getting my address changed and updated, and getting ready for Christmas. What there hasn’t been is a lot of interaction with my neighbors, other than to say hello in passing. But out of the blue, Aaliyah came and rang the doorbell and gave me the card. Not expecting anyone to stop by, I was surprised when I saw her-and I thanked her for the card and wished her a Merry Christmas. When she left I opened the card, and I was floored by what was inside. After signing her name, she made a wish that I have the best Christmas.

No matter what I receive today, or what happens today, this is already the best Christmas ever. That card makes it so. Even though I feel growth and the excitement of a new fresh start here in a new location, that wish is the best thing anyone has ever given me. Here’s hoping my neighbor Aaliyah gets everything she wants for Christmas…but she has already given one person a great gift-one I’ll remember for a very long time.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

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