Revisiting Old Friends

Friday night, I did something I haven’t done for a long, long time. I listened to commercial radio—specifically, the Quiet Storm with Jeff Brown on WHUR-FM.

How I came to do this was a bit of serendipity. My upstairs neighbor had the radio on, and I could hear it just as plain as if I was in the same room. All of a sudden, I heard the familiar opening notes of Smokey Robinson’s “Quiet Storm,” which signals the beginning of the program. I thought it was off though, because I remembered the show beginning at 7 PM years ago and it was 7:30. At any case, I found the audio stream on my computer and started listening. The memories came flooding back to many nights listening to the program in days gone by.

And I have to admit, I enjoyed listening to the program; so much so, I listened to the whole show. The music was a great mix of classic favorites and some newer tunes as well. The one thing I didn’t like-the long commercial breaks each hour. They were a necessarily evil though, because each set between the ad breaks ran for about an hour.

There was one song that was played, closer to the end of the show, that has stuck in my head all weekend. I’ve heard it before, but I never remember it hanging around in my consciousness for so long.  The song was “You And I” by Stephanie Mills. For whatever reason, when those first notes hit my ears, it was like an old friend had come back to visit-similar to what listening to the show had been on that night.

The song also made me realize that while she was in her hitmaking prime, I had always underestimated and underrated Ms. Mills. I always thought she was a great singer, and I liked bunches of her songs. But I had never, put her among the elite female vocalists of the day-the Arethas, the Pattis, the Anitas, the Whitneys. And yet, while I love all of them, I gained a greater appreciation for Stephanie’s talents as the years went on.

So I guess there are things that you can go back to. I will make more of an effort to listen to the Quiet Storm program than I have in the past, and I will go on loving Stephanie Mills’ songs for as long as I can enjoy her singing.

10 Replies to “Revisiting Old Friends”

  1. How privileged am I to be the first on this page. Who knew that you would eventually put your own quiet storm together? And fancy that – you were using the word serendipity before I even met you. How special that is. I’ve taken time out today and what better place to wonder around than through your posts – some have made me quite emotional. I’ve now listened to the entire Quiet Storm compilation and I will load them all up on my IPOD as a special playlist. I smile when I read about the drama of me leaving and then I was right back. I’m so glad I did come back. I wouldn’t have missed the dance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. Have a great day!

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  2. Chevvy, it’s good to have you back. Thanks for the wonderful words; feel free to take the tour of the blog anytime.

    When I wrote that post, I obviously was reminiscing about the Quiet Storm – I would never have thought to create one of my own (with the help of others and yourself).

    Thanks again, and I’m glad you found this post 😊

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    1. My pleasure Tracy – Your response didn’t come through so I had wondered what happened to you.
      Back then I didn’t know you, so I’m glad that whatever we did together was simply building on what we each had. That makes finding you extra special. Thank you.

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      1. Well I’ve known you for over a year now so I’m giving myself the licence to say it again – you are modest in accepting praise. In chilling out on your blog yesterday, I had time to see how passionate you are both about music and taking care of your readers. But honestly, I would stop blogging about music if it wasn’t for you. I just never ever thought I’d find my musical soul mate. So yes, I do miss you. As the Temptations song says: ” I had grown accustomed to your smile” 😊

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      2. Thank you, Chevvy. Yes, I’ve been modest about praise, and have been for a long time. For a while, I often deflected praise, as if I wasn’t worthy enough to receive it. Thankfully, I don’t (or I try not to) do that anymore.

        I’m glad to see you blog about music too. It’s refreshing to see your take on the songs that you love, just as much as you like seeing what I say about the songs I love.

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