The Old School Love Letter

This is a post I wrote a couple years ago on my old blog. I’m publishing it today because of Valentine’s Day.

Some years back for Valentine’s Day, I was trying to be creative and make a mixtape of music for the holiday. I remember using as an inspiration an idea I heard Kevin “Slow Jammin'” James use on one of his broadcasts, where he would play a group of songs that would read like a love letter, or a letter a person would write to someone else. So I created a playlist and put it on cassette tapes (I think I chose so many songs I needed two of them), gave it for the person I was seeing at the time, and never thought any more of it.

Fast forward many years later, and while cleaning out some old papers, I found the playlist. And with Valentine’s Day having just passed, I decided to make the playlist on Spotify and publish it. Basically, what I tried to do is take the song titles and make them into a love letter. You might have to fill in a few words here and there, but for the most part I think the titles make a decent, if somewhat overlong, letter.

If you love the “Quiet Storm” and old school R&B, this list is for you. Enjoy.

A special thanks to the late Melvin Lindsey and Kevin James, for the inspiration in many Quiet Storms and Slow Jam programs. These songs will be around as long as people want to slow dance and remember classic soul ballads.

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