The Voice 3/3 Recap: Filling Up Spots

Because they jumped right in on this episode, I’ll jump right in with the recap.

Montages: Only one tonight. Another three singers we heard nothing from were chosen. The one singer whose name I did not catch singing “I’d Rather Go Bllind,” I would have liked to have heard because that is a tough song to sing. But what I was able to hear was not that great. Perhaps in the battle rounds we can see what she (and the other artists who were chosen that we didn’t hear) has to bring to the table.

For those that were given airtime, it went down like this:

Ashley Morgan led off the night with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Usually, choosing a Whitney song is the kiss of death, although if your going to choose one, this one has a lower degree of difficulty. Ashley’s prior experience with singing background vocals helped her out, as she was able to sing the song well, if not spectacularly. She chose Pharrell Williams as her coach.

Artist number two is Koryn Hawthorne, doing “My Kind Of Love” by Emeli Sandé. Koryn has a bit of a deeper voice than most of the younger girls in this competition, but she handles herself very well until the chairs turn. At that point the song falls apart, but it doesn’t matter; she’s through to the next round. The youngster picked Christina Aguilera as her coach.

Seventeen year old Lexi Dávila is up next; she performs “Dreaming Of You” by Selena. Very nervous, started off a bit shaky. She calmed down enough to finish the song a bit better than she started. I didn’t hear anything to knock me off my feet, but she was able to get two chairs to turn. After the umpteenth Adam vs. Blake battle, Lexi chose Adam Levine as her coach.

Breanna Yaeger was the next artist to be chosen, and she performed “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. Her gutsy choice paid off-singing a song that was sung by Blake Shelton’s wife no less-with two chair turns. She has a pleasant voice, and her backstory about having the song tattooed on her foot was a good one to hear. This time around, Blake Shelton wins the battle to claim her as coach.

Jeremy Gaynor, the lead vocalist for the West Point Band, was up next. He performed “Superstar,” made famous by the Carpenters, but arranged tonight as the Luther Vandross version. He absolutely knocked it out of the park. All four judges turn for the Army man, even as he lost the plot after the second and third chairs whizzed around. Nevertheless, he sailed through with ease. To these ears, it was the best of the night so far. Christina prevailed over the other coaches to claim her next artist.

Jack Gregori is the next artist up, and he performed “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash. For the second night in a row, we hear a mature male voice in the competition. And he sounds good. Not quite Johnny Cash good, but plenty good enough for this show. For the third time tonight, an artist has to choose between Blake and Adam. And for once, a country-ish singer doesn’t choose Blake-Team Adam is the call for Mr. Gregori.

Briar Jonnee, a small-town Mississippi girl, is the next artist up. She performs Rihanna’s “Take A Bow.” If you know me, you know that I’m not a real big Rihanna fan as a singer, but that being said, this is one of her better songs. And Ms. Jonnee, after suffering some nerves in the beginning, does very well with it. This time around, Blake tests his mettle with Pharrell to claim another artist. Briar chooses Pharrell, as Blake is blindsided by another one of Mr. Williams’ smooth sales pitches.

Brian Johnson is the next artist to perform, and he takes a crack at “Find A Reason To Believe” by Rod Stewart. This kid is good. Really good. I liked him from the beginning; he may have had a great backstory, but once he got on the stage, all you needed to hear was his voice. A very good performance. Adam turned his chair before the first word was sung. Blake soon followed. This time, Blake gets chosen over Adam.

The final artist to perform was Corey Kent White, who sung “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band. Another multiple chair turn-this time Pharrell and Blake. Pharrell put on the soft sell, but in the end Blake sealed the deal.

Two other artists were given airtime on the show-Quincy Mumford, who did the Jackson 5’s “Dancing Machine,” and Jess Gallo, who performed “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance. Unfortunately,neither one could get a coach to turn his or her chair. The one thing both performances had for me, was that they were “no” pretty early. Mumford was all over the place on a song that a 15 year old Michael Jackson absolutely killed, and Gallo’s voice just wasn’t good enough for me.

So there it is. Four nights in, and I have no idea who could win this. There hasn’t really been too many knockout performances so far. There are a few more spots to be had but I don’t think they will be filled until next week. There is a Voice episode scheduled for tomorrow night, but I’m thinking it’s a clip show. Already, though? Just like all the montages, they seem to be rushing through this season. Maybe it will pay off on the back end.

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