Get Your Two-Step On With T.L. Shider’s “Toe 2 Toe”

About two weeks ago, I read an article on SoulTracks about a new artist. His name was T. L. Shider, and he was featured on one of the site’s “First Listen” posts. The featured song was called “Toe 2 Toe,” a great jam that is strictly for the steppers. The article said that the song was a  “mellow party song reminiscent of classic Marvin Gaye music.” After the events of the last week, that might not be a good thing to say about the song, but it is accurate and the song itself is great. Or at least I think it is.

So I gave it a listen that day, and I was so impressed, I left a comment that I was putting the song in heavy rotation right away. Since then, I have played it often and haven’t gotten tired of it. Check it out and see for yourself:

A few days after making that comment, I received a Facebook message from none other than Mr. Shider himself, thanking me for the comment and asking me to share his music. He also asked me to get the rest of the music from his website. After hearing “Toe 2 Toe,” I went ahead and did get the music from the site (it is all free, by the way). Listened to the album Betcha Never Thought without delay and found another song that I loved instantly. This one is entitled “Whatever It Is,” and it also comes from the album.

Both the album and a 2-track EP entitled Soul 2 Soul you can get for free at this link. Take a listen to the music and if you like what you hear, go get it, and share your thoughts in the comments.

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