The Voice 3/17 Recap: The Battles Are Over

So, we were treated to the final battles of the season on last night’s one hour show. The show gave us three battles, but put three others in montage (you just knew there would be one, since the show has been on a speed rush since the start). It is difficult to keep track of who you have seen in the blind auditions when you only get a glimpse of them again in the battle rounds. I understand that this is needed to push the show along, and get the live shows on in time for the upcoming May sweeps period. But I think NBC and the show’s producers would serve the audience (and themselves) better if they gave us a longer season, so to allow the viewing audience to see more of the performers actually perform. It’s hard to root for someone that you have hardly seen if/when they make it to the live shows. One of the most frustrating things (and there are several) about the show is that in order to get two “seasons” shown in what used to be one television season, there are corners that have to be cut, which means that there are seemingly more montages. Especially this season. Near the end of this post, I give some suggestions as to how the show can be better, at least for the viewing audience.

As far as the battles-quickly recapped:

Battle 1: Jeremy Gaynor vs. Rob Taylor (Team Christina). Song Choice: “Animals” by Maroon 5. Lots of falsetto in this one by both artists. The difference: Rob was able to hit his falsetto notes a bit more true than Jeremy. And I think that is what carried him to the victory. Personally, I don’t think the song was a great choice for either singer, but they gave maximum effort and made a decent performance out of it. Winner: Rob.

Battle 2: Noelle Bybee vs. Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell). Song Choice: “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Great song-one that I thought fit Taylor better than Noelle. And it showed during the performance. Though Noelle was very good, Taylor was just that much better-even as he admitted he didn’t know how to harmonize. He figured out enough of it, coupled with his very good, but not spectacular, vocal. Perhaps we should have known Noelle would lose; thanks to her appearance in a blind audition montage, no one really knew who she was. Winner: Sawyer.

Battle 3: Corey Kent White vs. Jacob Rummell (Team Blake). Song Choice: “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes. Let me say it: no matter what happened in this battle, the viewers knew that both guys were safe. How? Thanks to the crack editing team on the show, we knew a steal was coming; Carson Daly emphasized that Pharrell was the only coach with a steal left; and it was the last battle of the evening. That’s easy math. As for the performances, it was a very tight battle, and a very good choice by Blake. By pairing a country singer (Corey) against a pop singer (Jacob) over a country-pop tune, it made for an interesting contrast. Blake stuck to his country roots and picked Corey, while Pharrell stole Jacob, in a deal that worked out for all involved. Winner: Corey; Jacob stolen by Pharrell.

And that battle montage I mentioned earlier? See it here:

Sure would have been nice to see those battles; or maybe this is how we know that none of these people will make it to the live shows. Or will they?

At any rate, the knockout rounds begin next week. Are there more montages in store for the viewers? How fast will the show rush through these performances? And yes, each coach has one more steal left.

There are three things that I would like to see changed with the show: first, give us viewers one great season with all battles and blind auditions shown, so we can see all the performers who make it through. You can cut the backstories of the contestants, the montage(s) of singers who weren’t quite good enough, and even the performances in the blind auditions of singers who don’t get a chair turn (okay, you can keep some of those in for the suspense factor)-especially if it means we can actually see how the competition truly unfolds. Second, enough with the montages, which would be necessarily deleted by my first suggestion. Finally, stop editing the show so that the audience knows a steal is coming-it ruins the suspense. Surprise us. It seems that the last pairing always has a steal-and we are hammered over the head with it with the in-show teases. Thanks, editors. Of course, the network and the show’s producers would never go for it: running two seasons is a money grab for NBC-which needs as many hit shows as it can get-but unfortunately, they will eventually run this one into the ground. Much like ABC did with Who Wants To Be A Milllionaire years ago. But I hear from people who watch the show that what they want is to see the competition-not a truncated, poorly edited, shambles that the show is quickly becoming.

And despite my grumbling, I’ll be back next week with more recaps.

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