March Madness: This Is Why I Watch

Usually at this time of year, you can find me in front of a television, watching the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. The Thursday to Sunday opening weekend of 48 televised games are some of sports’ high holy days for fans of college basketball. Before last year, I would be one of the millions filling out a bracket (or multiple brackets) in lots of contests and basketball pools (shhh!) trying to figure out what teams would win each game and which college would win the championship. But as I’ve gotten older, I realize I enjoy the tournament just as much without the rooting interest in schools that I may have never seen or heard of before. Plus, it proves to be way less stressful when I watch the games.

However, the real reason I watch is because there never seems to be a shortage of end game excitement. This particular video may be the image of this tournament, and it happened on the first full day:

Which can result in ecstasy from a school’s fans. I never get tired of seeing people cheer for their favorite team, especially when they pull out a victory at the last second.

If you watch the tournament, enjoy, and tell me what you like in the comments.

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