The Voice 3/30 Recap: Finishing The Knockouts

Oh, how we love the CET™(Crack Editing Team) on The Voice. Knowing that only Christina Aguilera had a steal remaining, you just knew it wouldn’t be seen until the end of the show. And true to form, that is exactly what happened. So the only real doubt, besides who would win the final six knockout pairings of the season, was which artist would get Aguilera’s steal.

The first knockout pairing of the evening pitted Barry Minniefield against Tonya Boyd-Cannon for Team Adam. Tonya chose Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”, while Barry went for Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.” Both singers were very good, and it was very close overall. Adam chose Tonya to go through to the live playoffs.

Two sixteen year olds take the stage next, as Brooke Adee is paired with Kelsie May in Team Blake Shelton’s final knockout. Kelsie chooses to sing Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw,” while Brooke goes with “Electric Feel” by MGMT. For me, Kelsie’s performance was the least impressive that I’ve seen so far, and while Brooke was better, she wasn’t THAT much better. Blake gave Brooke the nod for the final spot on his team.

Next up are India Carney and Joe Tolo, in Team Christina’s first knockout pairing of the evening. Joe chooses to sing “One Of Us” by Joan Osborne and India picks “Big White Room” by Jessie J. Both of these singers deserve to stay, but with spots dwindling and only one steal left (and their coach has it) some undeserving singer is leaving the show after this one. India got the nod to go forward to next week’s live playoffs.

Jacob Rummell takes on Lowell Oakley for Team Pharrell in the next knockout pairing. Lowell chooses to sing “My Girl,” by the Temptations, and Jacob goes with “Life Of The Party” by Shawn Mendes. Jacob has a very pleasant voice, but he was coming up short on some of the notes, while not quite hitting on the others. Lowell, on the other hand, decides to take a few chances with his song, and his vocal is all over the place-including a chuckle in the middle of the performance. It was like he was trying to perform rather than actually sing. Pharrell being Pharrell though, picked Lowell as the winner, even if Jacob gave a slightly better vocal performance.

Rob Taylor and Treeva Gibson form the last knockout pairing for Team Christina. Rob picks “Love And Happiness” by Al Green for his song, and Treeva sings “Chasing Pavements” by Adele. Rob has a wide range, and he isn’t afraid to use his ability to hit the high notes. Thankfully, he didn’t drown the song in his falsetto, but that performance wasn’t winning any awards, either. Treeva, probably because of nerves, started rough in her Adele cover, but it got better toward the end. Christina chose Rob as the winner in this pairing, which sadly marked the end of the road for the Frederick, Maryland teenager.

The final knockout pairing pitted Joshua Davis against Lexi Dávila for Team Adam. Since we know one of them will be stolen, it really doesn’t matter how well either of them perform. For a factual recording of the event, let the record show that Joshua chose “Arms Of A Woman” by Amos Lee, and Lexi chose “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding. Joshua sings his cover while barely stroking a guitar. He could have left the guitar offstage and given the exact same performance; it was more prop than instrument. Lexi hit some strong notes and made one very good run. Adam chose Joshua as the winner, but Christina used her steal to put Lexi on her team.

Look for the live playoffs to begin next week; tonight’s show is most likely a recap of how the top 20 singers made it this far.

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