The Voice 4/8 Recap: Results Are In

Last night, The Voice had it’s first results show of Season 8. As I always say, once America votes, the whole competition becomes a popularity contest. Though I may not like that all that much, it doesn’t keep me from watching and commenting. Another thing about results shows: they are chock full of filler-in the name of performances. This week’s show gave us five, including a call back from last season’s finalist Chris Jamison-who got to sing with Wiz Khalifa.

Each of the four teams had all of its members perform, as a matter of course. There was Team Blake, leading off with a version of the Staples Singers’ “I’ll Take You There”:

Team Christina took a run at Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”:

Team Pharrell performed “Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera:

And Team Adam members performed Rihanna’s “Diamonds”:

Once all those were cut out, along with the obligatory review of each teams performances over the last two nights, it comes down to the results. After each team performed, they were brought on stage to hear how everything shook out. For Team Blake, Corey Kent White and Meghan Linsey were saved by America’s votes. Blake used his save on Hannah Kirby, sending Sarah Potenza and Brooke Adee home as the first artists to leave the show. I found those to choices to be pretty accurate; though I was a bit surprised Sarah didn’t make it through.

Team Christina was next to be put through the wringer. America’s votes saved Kimberly Nichole and India Carney. Christina had to choose between Lexi Dávila, Sonic, and Rob Taylor; she went with Rob. For me, she had the easiest choice of the night. There were no surprises, as Rob, Kimberly and India were clearly better than the remaining two artists on her team.

Team Pharrell was up next. America’s votes saved Sawyer Fredericks and Mia Z, leaving Caitlin Caporale, Lowell Oakley and Koryn Hawthorne. For me, the choice was between Caitlin and Koryn-I didn’t think Lowell’s performance deserved a spot in the final twelve. Pharrell chose Koryn; I think he picked her because of her high intensity performance of “How Great Thou Art.”

Last but not least, Team Adam finishes the night. America’s votes saved Joshua Davis and Deanna Johnson. Adam was left to choose between Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Brian Johnson and Nathan Hermida for his save. With time running out on the show, Adam chose Brian. No disagreements from me; although any one of Tonya, Joshua or Deanna would have been fine to go through to the final twelve. Nathan, based on his last performance, just wasn’t good enough.

So we now have the final twelve. For the most part, there are some very talented singers going through. I’m still hard pressed to pick a winner, though I tend to like Meghan and India the most. But with the public voting, anyone can win the thing at this point.

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