Throwback Thursday: Where Do We Go From Here

My mother was one of my music loving inspirations growing up. Even today, she still loves her classic soul songs. A few months back, I made for her a CD of quiet storm classics of songs she loves. One of the songs on that CD was “Where Do We Go From Here” by Enchantment. A great piece of ’70s soul smoothness, it still shows up on quiet storm shows to this day. And since it is one of my mom’s favorites, it gets some love for Throwback Thursday.

Last night, I took a listen to Jeff Bradshaw’s new album, Home: One Special Night At The Kimmel Center. On it, he does a cover of the Enchantment classic, featuring Bilal. Now, I liked the cover, because I’m a fan of Bilal. I don’t think my mom would like it quite as much. I would say Enchantment’s version is the best of the two, so I guess I would agree with my mother. But it’s a cover worth hearing:

Enjoy them both, and leave any impressions in the comments.

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