The Voice 4/14 Recap: Return Of The Instant Save

A jam-packed hour of The Voice featured six performances, three breaks for “America Saves!” and at the very end, a close vote for the Instant Save.

The saves were actually lacking in surprises. Nine of the artists were saved in groups of three, with the remaining three artists having to sing and be subject to America’s Instant Save votes in order to continue. In group order:

Group 1: Kimberly Nichole (Team Christina), Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell), Meghan Linsey (Team Blake). Absolutely no surprises.

Group 2: Joshua Davis (Team Adam), India Carney (Team Christina), Hannah Kirby (Team Blake). Again, no real shockers.

Group 3: Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell), Rob Taylor (Team Christina), Corey Kent White (Team Blake). A mild shock with Koryn, but she was very good on Monday’s show.

In between groups 1 and 2, Team Blake and coach Blake Shelton performed “In The Midnight Hour”, which was notable because someone (possibly the coach himself), forgot when he was supposed to sing.

Between groups 2 and 3, Team Christina and coach Christina Aguilera did a very nice take on the Eagles’ “Hotel California.” Even Rob toned it down a notch…

So the bottom three were Mia Z. (Team Pharrell), Brian Johnson (Team Adam) and Deanna Johnson (also Team Adam). Without delay, Mia stepped up and sang “Stormy Monday” (erroneously called “Stormy Sunday” in Carson’s introduction). Unfortunately, Mia slipped back into her early performance bad habits: mumbling, and lots of high, keening, dog whistle notes. It was kinda shambolic.

Brian Johnson followed with “Amazed by “Lonestar. Another nice performance. Nothing earth-shattering though. Even so, he got my instant save vote.

Finally Deanna Johnson performed “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. For someone who struggles with her confidence, I thought she performed pretty well. Because of her constant struggle to believe in her talent, I did not give her my instant save vote. However, in doing a favor for a Facebook friend who does not have Twitter, I did make a vote for Deanna. And my timeline blew up with retweets to save her.

In the end, in what appeared to be a very close vote, Deanna was awarded the instant save, just edging out Brian. With the final ten artists remaining, Teams Blake and Christina have all three of their members remaining, while Team Pharrell and Team Adam have two artists each left.

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