The Voice 4/28 Recap: Down To Six

Last night, The Voice whittled down from eight artists to six. But not without some extra “goodies”: three performances-two of which featured some of the remaining artists; one plug for Red Nose Day, and some words from the coaches. As usual as the season reaches its conclusion, the fewer artists that remain, the more filler is needed to fill the show’s running time. At this point, the show is a well-oiled machine at this, so let’s get to the results.

Before anyone is announced safe, we get a performance by Jason Derulo with Kimberly Nichole and India Carney. Here’s his new single, “Want To Want Me”:

The first of four America Saves! went to Joshua Davis. Well deserved. His “Fields Of Gold” was a highlight of the evening. And then…a commercial break.

Before the next artist is announced as safe, we were treated to a performance by Rozzi Crane. She performed her hit “Psycho”:

The next America Saves! went to Sawyer Fredericks. No surprise there. And then…another commercial break.

Somewhere in the next few minutes, we get the aforementioned brief bit about Red Nose Day, and we also see a piece about the show’s remaining singers visiting a school and performing. I may have blacked out during this part of the show, because I barely remember any of it.

I awake in time for the next America Saves! and it goes to Meghan Linsey. I think Meghan will stroll her way to the final show. Many will be upset, but she’s been the most consistent performer on the show, period. And then…you guessed it. Another commercial break.

Before any further announcements, Corey Kent White performs with Lee Brice on the latter’s song, “Drinking Class.” Obviously, it’s to give Corey some Country cred…or maybe troll for some votes for when/if he falls to the bottom three.

And the last America Saves! go to Kimberly Nichole and Koryn Hawthorne. Kimberly isn’t a surprise, as she has been on a roll the last few weeks. Koryn, at least to these ears, was a surprise. Her “Girl On Fire” did nothing for me. I thought she would be in the bottom three.

I did get two of the bottom three right in my last prediction however: Hannah Kirby and Corey Kent White were there. The surprise was India Carney. Personally, I would have switched her with Koryn, but the people spoke and it went the other way.

First up in the Instant Save performances was Hannah Kirby, who took on Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive.” If Hannah’s goal was to find another song she could belt out without a trace of nuance, she did well. If nothing else, it allowed her to do what she does best…

Next up is Corey Kent White, and he performed Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You.” Can you lose votes if you perform a song by a judge from American Idol? Guess anyone is fair game for song choices-still waiting for someone to take on a Jennifer Lopez song though. As far as Corey’s performance, he reminded me of Rob Taylor from last week. It was alright, but his voice seemed to be running out of gas. Not sure if that performance was enough to get him through, though the fact that he’s a country singer might keep him in.

Finally, India Carney gave her take on Christina Perri’s “Human.” For India, this was far from her best performance. It started very rough in her lower register, but got better as the song built up. This turned what I thought would be a shoo-in for India into a tossup. Of the three singers, she has been the most consistent, but this performance may hinder her from going further.

After the appeals from coaches Blake Shelton (for Hannah and Corey) and Christina Aguilera (for India), Carson finally announced who will remain. And in what is called the closest vote ever, India Carney squeaks by to perform for another week. Apparently she edged out Corey for the final spot in the top six.

To recap, here are the remaining singers and their respective coaches:

Team Adam: Joshua Davis

Team Pharrell: Sawyer Fredericks, Koryn Hawthorne

Team Christina: Kimberly Nichole, India Carney

Team Blake: Meghan Linsey

I have Meghan and Sawyer out in front, with Kimberly closing some ground. What say you? Leave your impressions, predictions or plain old comments below.

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