The Voice 5/4 Recap: Not The Best Of Nights

The final six are given two songs to sing, and because Mother’s Day is just around the corner, one of the songs has to be dedicated to a mother, or a female role model. Amazingly, there was very little filler in the two hour show, unless you count the rehearsal footage. So let’s try to make this a post with minimal filler as well.

Artist #1: India Carney

Songs performed: “Glory” by John Legend and Common (for her mother); “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.

India just barely escaped elimination last week, eking out a spot in this week’s show by 2 votes. As for her performances, her take on the Oscar-winning song from the movie Selma just didn’t move me at all. It was very so-so, I thought. Her cover of Smith’s hit however was much better, and should be just enough to squeak through yet again.

Artist #2: Joshua Davis

Songs performed: “Desire” by U2; “In My Life” by The Beatles (for his wife).

While I know “Desire” has an R&B undercurrent, I never expected it to be performed New Orleans style. That is what we got with Joshua’s first performance. I think the band just about overpowered his experiment in going uptempo. Second line rhythm, three background singers and a trumpet player who obviously was looking at this as his audition to bigger and better things all but made Joshua an afterthought. His “In My Life” though was way better; maybe because he was singing to his wife. And all the off-beat clapping (in response to another uptick in tempo) didn’t throw him off.

Artist #3: Koryn Hawthorne

Songs performed: “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. (for her mother); “Dream On” by Aerosmith

You pretty much know what you’re getting at this point with Koryn: lots of power with lots of vibrato. I thought she did okay with her first performance, though when she went for the power notes, I felt as though it was her throat that would be hurting. The less said about her Aerosmith cover, the better. I did. not. like. it. at. all. She may be on the bottom this week.

Artist #4: Kimberly Nichole

Songs performed: “Free Fallin'” by Tom Petty (for her mother?); “Dirty Diana” by Michael Jackson.

Kimberly had been on a roll the last few weeks, and while I continually say that I’m not her biggest fan, she had begun to grow on me. Well, the momentum stalled this week. “Free Fallin'” doesn’t really have a wide range for a singer to express themselves, and Kimberly seemed to be boxed in. She tried to give it something more, but it didn’t work. “Dirty Diana” was another rock cover that didn’t quite work. Somewhere in the middle, she began to fall off the mark and the end was mostly yelling. She may be in peril this week.

Artist #5: Meghan Linsey

Songs performed: “Steamroller Blues” by James Taylor; “Amazing Grace” (for her mother).

Meghan sounded very proud of her days singing “Steamroller Blues” for tips, but tonight’s performance, while still good, wasn’t Meghan at her best. Her “Amazing Grace” however, was the best performance by anyone on the night. If she’s not the winner, she’s definitely one of the front-runners. She should stroll her way right into the finals (and yes, I know it’s only the semifinals next week). She has been that good throughout the competition.

Artist #6: Sawyer Fredericks

Songs performed: “Shine On” (for his mother); “Take Me To The River” by The Commitments.

Next to Meghan, Sawyer has been the most consistent performer. In what wasn’t necessarily his best night, his “Shine On” was the best performance he gave on the night. His “Take Me To The River” was solid, and was one of the few times we’ve heard him take on something uptempo and without a guitar to hide behind. I believe he’s done enough to last another week.

Five of the six artists will go through to the semifinals, so only one will be dropped tonight. Meghan, Sawyer and Joshua sound like they will go through. I will vote for India if she needs it. As for Koryn and Kimberly, it’s a coin flip. It was not a great night for either. Tune in tonight to see who stays and who goes; and if you have any thought’s on this show, leave them in the comments.

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