The Voice 5/5 Recap: Saved Twice

Last night’s show gave us a “mini-family reunion” (you mean not like last week’s, huh Carson?), with four previous contestants performing. Other than Craig Wayne Boyd, who won it all last season, I wasn’t familiar with the other singers—primarily because I didn’t start watching until two seasons ago. Still, Jacquie Lee, Avery Wilson and Vicci Martinez each performed and gave an update to camp counselor Carson on their whereabouts and experiences since they left the show. Sprinkled in between the performances (and a cameo from Mr. Clive Davis), we got the real reason to watch: to see who goes through to next week. This week’s America Saves! are:

America Saves! #1: Sawyer Fredericks.

America Saves! #2: Meghan Linsey.

America Saves! #3: Koryn Hawthorne. Wait, what? I knew Koryn was destined to be at the bottom, singing for her very life. Instead, she sails through with ease. Which means that someone I wasn’t expecting will end up at the bottom instead.

America Saves! #4: Joshua Davis.

Notice the lack of comments on America Saves! 1, 3 and 4. That’s because I expected all three of them to go through. Which means that, once again, India Carney is in the bottom group-this time along with Kimberly Nichole.

For the second week in a row, India Carney is forced to sing for a place in next week’s live show. This week, she chose to perform P!nk’s “Perfect” for her Instant Save performance. It was pretty good, considering the last note gave me some pause. Plus, if I were her, I’d be a bit worried about being at the bottom two weeks running. Sooner or later (probably as soon as next week’s semifinals), she’s going to run out of chances.

Kimberly Nichole, whose run of very good to great performances ended last night, chose “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes for her Instant Save performance. As a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, I suppose I have to support this, as the song is chanted often at their home games by the fans. But they stick to the chorus and just yell “ohh’s” all the way through. Kimberly gets no such crutch; she has to sing the lyrics. And it went  over…not very well. At least I didn’t think so. See/hear for yourself:

After those performances, the votes were opened for the Instant Save. In what appeared to be another close vote, India Carney prevailed for the second week in a row. She’s going to have to step her game up next week if she wants to go further.

Should she have been saved? Should she have even been at the bottom? If not, who should have? Leave your impressions in the comments, and see you next week.

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