Throwback Thursday: Get On The Floor

Last Friday, Louis Johnson, co-founder of the Brothers Johnson and one of the great bass players of the 70s and 80s, passed away. I have so many memories of listening to records that featured his bass on them. In fact, on the day he passed, one of them was in my head before I heard the news that he had died. That song was Herbie Hancock’s “The Traitor.” I don’t even know why the song jumped into my head that day, but I’m pretty sure I hummed part of the bass line from it.

One of my favorite bass lines from songs that he featured on (and there were so many to choose from), was from “Get On The Floor,” a song from Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall. So for throwback Thursday, here’s one of my favorite grooves from what I consider the best Michael Jackson solo album. Yes, I know Thriller was the bigger hit, and Jackson’s crowning pop achievement, but I still like Off The Wall better. So rest in peace Mr. Johnson—and keep plucking and slapping that bass in that great funk band in the sky.

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