Katharine McPhee Makes A Lip-Licking Return

Remember Katharine McPhee? If you do, then you may remember her from her season on American Idol (season 5), where she finished second to Taylor Hicks and his “Soul Patrol.” Or if your memory doesn’t go back quite that far, you might remember her from her role on the now-canceled television show Smash. Of even if that doesn’t jog your memory, you may have seen her recently on the television show Scorpion. Basically, what you may not remember-at least lately-is that she has, or had something of a singing career going.

Last week, that singing career was given some life as a new single was released to the public. The track is called “Lick My Lips”, and it’s a bouncy little ditty, built upon a hefty sample of Aretha Franklin’s 1983 hit “Jump To It.” As far as the song goes, it’s not bad. The memory of the Franklin hit was enough to get my head to bob at least. I suppose it could be a contender for one of those “song of the summer” titles if enough people like it.

It’s the first single released from her upcoming album Hysteria, though the release date is unknown at present. Do you think it’s catchy enough to be a song of the summer? Or is it just another forgettable song? Perhaps the video will make the song a bit more memorable:

The single is available for purchase at the usual places, and is also available to stream at Spotify, Google Play Music, and others. As always, feel free to voice your opinion about the song, and her singing comeback, in the comments.

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