That Time I Blogged In The Women’s Clothing Store

In response to Blogger In A Strange Land:

Back when I had a sports blog-or something that looked reasonably like a sports blog-I was inspired enough to write a post about Ken Griffey, Jr. I think it was around the time he was calling it a career, and I was reminiscing about how great he was, and how much better he could have been had injuries not taken their toll on his career. I still firmly believe that he, and not Barry Bonds, would have the home run record had Griffey been able to stay healthy throughout his time in the game.

However, the inspiration to write this post occurred while I was waiting for my ex-wife in a woman’s clothing store. While she was in the back trying on outfits, I’m on my smartphone, tapping out a post to WordPress. I managed to find a place to sit down, and was writing the post of posts, when I hear a cry from the dressing room:

Can you come and take these clothes and hang them up for me?

So, I interrupt my train of thought to go back into the dressing room area to pick up the clothes, when a woman standing outside another dressing room says to me:

You know this is a woman’s dressing room, right?

Mind you, I knew where I was-it wasn’t like I was going into one of the dressing rooms to see someone or someones in varying stages of undress. All I was doing was taking some clothes and hanging them up. I replied to the woman that yes, I did know that I was in the dressing room area, and quickly took the clothes and walked back into the store.

Needless to say, that Griffey post was the first-and last-post I ever wrote in a women’s clothing store.

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