That Song I Heard In A Podcast That I Had Forgotten About

Been a while since I thought a whole lot about Tracy Chapman. I keep “Give Me One Reason” on my streaming favorites playlist, but that list is so long, the song only comes up every so often. If anything, I was reminded of her during the countdown to the end of The Late Show with David Letterman, when she performed Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” during one of the final episodes. I enjoyed her performance of the classic, as did Letterman. But once I saw the video, she disappeared from my consciousness once again.

Fast forward to this morning, while listening to the My Love For Music podcast for the month of June, one of the songs from her debut album was playing. You would expect to hear “Fast Car,” her breakout hit; or maybe even “Baby Can I Hold You,” which is another great song on the album. But no, this one was “Mountains O’ Things.”

I had forgotten about that particular song, but once I heard it, I instantly flashed back to my memories of it. How I loved the words, the simple backdrop behind it. It goes without saying, I will be adding this to my streaming favorites.

One of the joys of music is when you hear a song that you hadn’t heard in forever, and it instantly evokes memories of the time and place where you first heard it, and how much you liked (or loved) a particular piece of music. That happened today with this particular song.

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