Eddie Murphy, Reggae Crooner?

Eddie Murphy, the comedian and comic actor?

Eddie Murphy, the breakout star from the early ’80s cast of Saturday Night Live?

Eddie Murphy, the one who made Coming To America a cultural touchstone?

Yep, that Eddie Murphy.

Come to find out, Mr. Murphy has now turned to music as his primary vocation-or at least he’s making it something more than a hobby. And now he is trying his hand at being a reggae singer, though this isn’t his first foray doing reggae. Way back in the ’90s, he did a song with Shabba Ranks called “I Was A King.” In the not too recent past, he has released a song called “Red Light” with none other than Snoop Dogg (during his Snoop Lion phase), and a second song “Oh Jah Jah” was a number one hit on the iTunes reggae chart earlier this year. So, here’s the video for this number one reggae smash:

So, in my travels on the internet, I found out that Eddie has now released a follow-up to that song, called “Wonna Deez Nites” (use your phonetic pronunciation skills). Guesting with Mr. Murphy this time around is Beenie Man, the dancehall star famous for “Girls Dem Sugar” some time back. If you are waiting for jokes, you won’t find them on this track. You won’t even get them from me about the whole reggae singing bit. Instead, I present a Spotify stream of the single without further comment:

Okay, I lied. I do have one comment. It’s no Bob Marley, but it isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever heard, either.

So, should Eddie Murphy give up the reggae career and get back to making us laugh? Or does he have something going with this? Whatever you think, leave your impressions in the comments.

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