Because, ‘Merica

I know. Everyone uses that derivative of America, but sometimes it just fits, you know?

After the overwhelming discussions about violence against blacks, the Confederate flag and same-sex marriage in the last few weeks, along with the unneeded comic relief from Donald Trump, I need to hear something soothing. Something to drown out the din and rancor I’ve seen in my social feeds.

And that’s where this version of “America The Beautiful” by Nathan East comes in. It also helps that I just watched a documentary about Mr. East over the weekend. I was amazed that he has played on so many songs and with so many artists.

After all these years, East finally released a solo project with his name on it last year. And one of the most beautiful pieces of work on it is this version of “America The Beautiful,” a song that, while it isn’t the national anthem, doesn’t describe war like “The Star Spangled Banner.” It instead, reminds one of peace. And after all of the “can you top this” back and forth that I’ve seen, I need something that reminds me of peace.

And, to me at least, it seems that we forget that we have more that unites us than divides us. But in times like these, that sentiment seems to have gotten up and moved far, far away. Maybe this song will bring it back—at least for me.

Thank you, Mr. East.

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