Can’t Figure Him Out

The titular “Him” is Prince. Weeks after pulling his entire catalogue from Spotify (causing me heartbreak because I couldn’t feature a particular song in one of my posts), he comes back with an exclusive song on the streaming service. Needless to say, I’m having some trouble understanding his music streaming strategy. So currently on Spotify, he has the one brand new song, entitled “Stare.”

I’m going to put this up here and see how long it lasts before he takes it down.

What do I think of it? I think it’s great! I wonder, how does a man, just about to turn sixty years young (because Prince would never let you catch him old), keep putting out slamming stuff like this? This one was definitely worth a head nod and an abbreviated two step. Ok, maybe a full out two step for a good while (or as long as I could stand it).

Reportedly, another new album is in the works…and once it is released, I’ll probably be putting up my hard earned cash for a digital copy. That is, if Prince deigns to even sell the album as digital files. You never know with him. Either way, I’ll get it, one way or the other, because it’s Prince. He is, without a doubt, a great artist—arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest—of my lifetime.

Thoughts? Do you have any idea what Prince’s music streaming strategy is? What do you think of this latest single drop? Make yourself heard in the comments.

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