Battling the Feedback Junkie Within

Never knew there was a diagnosis…until now. 🙂


10403972_394623500686404_1802623017967441060_oAre you a feedback junkie?  Do you post something on Social Media and then obsessively check your accounts to see how many likes, retweets, or comments you’ve gotten?  In school, were you someone who took enough pride in your work that you couldn’t wait to get your grades back?  Are you someone who is a little introverted and regrets trusting someone enough to show them something you’ve created, because they take forever to tell you their thoughts?  If you answered yes to any or all of these questions – you are most likely (like me) a feedback junkie.

Being a feedback junkie doesn’t necessarily mean that you appreciate or even accept all of the feedback you receive – it just means you want to know that you are being heard, that someone is noticing your work and cares enough to tell you what they thought about it.  And oftentimes, when…

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