Going Old School

Going old school. An actual newspaper.
Going old school. An actual newspaper.

I can’t say I can remember when the last time was that I ever picked up, let alone read a newspaper. With news so readily accessible on the internet, reading a newspaper has become something of a days gone by pastime. Yet there was a time in my life when I took the time to read three newspapers in the same day: the Star-Democrat from here in Easton, as well as the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post.

Recently I signed up for digital access to the Star-Democrat, so that I would have at least some access to local news, while also purchasing a digital access plus Sunday delivery of the Post. And when I walked outside this morning, there was my Sunday copy.

The old sensation, after all those years, flooded back to the mind, even as the paper itself looked quite different. For one thing, it’s smaller than it used to be. The Sunday Post was a seeming behemoth back in the day; this paper looked much leaner. Which is not to say the same items weren’t in it; just that things were smaller. For example, the Washington Post Magazine and Parade Magazine were both smaller than I remember. And I didn’t know that the paper still published television listings, but it too, was smaller than I remember. Good to see the comics and coupons, though some of the comics I had never heard of, and there were plenty of circulars for stores like Staples, Walgreens and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

With digital access though, I suppose I could just read the Sunday paper without all those things; but there’s something about holding an actual newspaper and reading it. Plus, it allows me to unplug, at least for a little while, and remember a time that, while not completely gone by, is certainly in the past.

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