A New Can Of Digital Paint

Good morning. I thought that I would try to give this spot a different look and feel and this is what I have settled on so far. More customization to come-and better yet, more writing.

Yeah, I’ve said that before. Let’s just go with the customization first. We’ll see about the writing part. But I will say that in the last week, I was given some encouragement to get back to writing again, and I have been thinking about what that person told me quite a bit. I promised to write about The Voice, but once the show ends at 10 Eastern Time, I’m so tired the last thing I want to think about is writing.

But there will be writing here, I believe.

But for now, let’s try on some new colors and looks.

4 Replies to “A New Can Of Digital Paint”

  1. Welcome back! I think you just suffered a burnout. It happens to the best of us. I’ve never seen The Voice but I’ve read and heard good things about it. I like Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani. I’ll have to check it out sometime. I look forward to your upcoming posts. I like your new blog look!

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