New Music—Melanie Fiona: “I Tried”

One of the new (though she has been around for more than half a decade) R&B singers I root for is Melanie Fiona. The Canadian songstress has a voice that I love and her music never fails to impress me. Her debut single, “Give It To Me Right” is still getting played around these parts. Though it has been three years since her second album The MF Life was released, she has been steadily releasing singles over the last year; perhaps those are a hint that a new release may be around the corner.

Her latest one is called “I Tried”; and while I don’t quite fancy it as much as her last release “Bite The Bullet,” or is quite as good as the amazing “It Kills Me” from her debut album The Bridge,  I still like it. It’s a ballad that laments the fact that even though she has tried to be good, love still doesn’t seem to work out for her.

See for yourself it Ms. Fiona has the goods, or if this latest effort isn’t good enough. If it’s something you like, you can purchase it at the usual places, or stream it on Spotify and other streaming sites.

As always, you can leave your impressions in the comments.

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