The Truest Headline I Read Last Week

The headline appeared in my Facebook News Feed last week.

The headline:

The Ugly Truth: If You Cheat On Someone, You Do Not Love That Person

Really. Really? This is news?

The author of this piece goes on at length to explain why this is so. Calling herself a “notorious cheater”, she now finds herself head over heels in love and can now realize the errors of her cheating ways.

As a man, I find it interesting that a woman wrote this article. Then again, as a man, the stereotype is that men are more often identified as cheaters. This may or may not be scientifically true—I don’t have any research to prove it but I’m sure someone, somewhere (or several someones) has already done the work on this. And once again, as a man, I have had the scenario described by the author happen to me.

I didn’t like it. (This is news?)

Read the conclusions the author came up with for yourself here, if you are interested. At my first glance at the headline, I didn’t feel the need to read it. I have since scanned it, and my reaction still remains:

Really. Really? This is news?

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