Throwback: Melanie Fiona X 2

Earlier this week, I posted Melanie Fiona’s latest single, “I Tried.” While it is a nice song, I don’t think it compares with some of her previous work. In fact, the song that turned my ear to Ms. Fiona is still one of my favorites. That song was called “Give It To Me Right,” and it still gets played here. And today, I choose it as the first of two throwback songs by her:

Those of you who are music historians can hear the sample of the Zombies’ 1969 pop hit “Time Of The Season.” You can see for yourself right here:

In fact, Fiona’s debut album The Bridge, has a few songs done in what could be considered throwback style. Another of my favorites that has the feel of an older song is the tune “Monday Morning.” I hadn’t heard it in quite a while, when it surprised me playing at a bar where I would have never expected to hear it. To me, it has a vibe similar to the Supremes’ 1966 hit “My World Is Empty Without You.” First, here’s “Monday Morning”:

Then, The Supremes (or if you prefer, Diana Ross & The Supremes):

Whatever your taste, I hope you enjoy the songs. Leave your impressions in the comments.

2 Replies to “Throwback: Melanie Fiona X 2”

    1. Yes. I couldn’t really believe how similar Monday Morning and My World Is Empty Without You were until I heard them one after the other. Melanie Fiona does have a great voice. I think the big thing about Give It To Me Right for me is the use of the sample. To me, it sounds pretty cool.

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