Hello, Adele

Adele dropped her new single, “Hello,” from her upcoming album 25 yesterday. Besides giving several celebrities all the feels, it was being played all over the place. I had my daughter’s car to do her a favor and the radio station she listens to was playing the song every hour. I heard it twice before I got in to work in the morning. Seems like I’ve been hearing it all day long.

And why not? It’s a great song. If this is what we’re going to get when the album drops on November 20th, this album is going to be awesome.


Oh yes. There’s a video too:

The song is moving, hauntingly beautiful. I don’t think it’s quite as sad as “Someone Like You,” the big hit from her last album 21, but it’s just as emotional. And then, there’s that voice. It makes you feel when she sings—which is the ultimate respect you can pay to any singer.

Leave your impressions of the song, or Adele herself, in the comments.

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