The Interview Challenge

I’m about a week or so late, but I saw where I was nominated to participate in the Interview Challenge by Amaya911 from Life Of An El Paso Woman. So, thank you to Amaya911 for thinking of me and I’ll do my best to answer the questions. And I’ll try to do it without making up a theme song to match her blog title. 🙂 Another thing—please check out her blog! You’ll be glad you did.

The interview has rules (always rules!). The rules are:

  1. Mention the person who tagged you. (Done!)
  2. Answer the questions in full. (Will do).
  3. Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end. (I’ll tag a couple-they may or may not participate).

The questions-and my answers follow:

How did you get into blogging?

Before I joined Facebook, before I got on Twitter, I had a blog. The blog was called Mind Pinball (so named for all the junk that bounced around in my head) and it was started at Blogger, then moved to because I liked how much nicer the WordPress themes were and the ease of use. That blog started out to be what this one now is—a place for me to write about what I wanted, whenever I wanted. Once I started writing mostly about sports (and joined Twitter), I became a sports blogger. I joined the family of bloggers for a while and set up shop with my own site under their umbrella. After I left there, I started writing posts for the Baltimore Sports Report for about a year. Eventually I got tired of writing about nothing but sports and after a bit of a break, I came back here to do what I originally wanted to do—first under the name The Dodson Citizen (since shuttered) and now under this name.

What advice would you give a blogger just starting out?

Write about whatever you feel like writing about. If it’s sports, then write about that. If it’s entertainment, write about that. If it’s politics, tap out some posts. If you want to do a little bit of everything, do that. Most importantly, make time to do it. You don’t necessarily have to post something every day, but it does help in building traffic, especially if you go read other blogs and comment on other blogger’s posts. That is something I don’t do often enough, but you can find other people to share content and stories with and also find great posts to read! Look for opportunities to write and share with others.

What would be your dream campaign?

I don’t have a dream campaign; I write strictly for fun. I just enjoy trying to put enough coherent thoughts together to make enough sense for someone to understand what I’m trying to convey.

Do you have a plan for your blog?

Just to keep writing consistently. I recently struggled with a mental block where I couldn’t, or wouldn’t write anything. I was given some advice that told me that I should keep writing, and it’s that advice I think of when I sit down to write something here at A Joyful Process.

What do you think about rankings?

I am something of a feedback junkie, so I do like to see comments. However, I don’t get bent out of shape if some moment of self-proclaimed greatness fails to get a large number of views and likes. There’s a whole lot of blogs and things to read on the internet, and people don’t have a whole lot of time to read everything (I know I don’t—I don’t ever get through all the email and articles saved on my feed reader everyday, so I’m always trying to de-clutter). So I’m not really all that concerned with rankings.

My nominees:

She Talks Baseball

The Baseball Blogess

Apparently, I have a soft spot for females who blog about the once (and maybe still) national pastime.

9 Replies to “The Interview Challenge”

    1. Thank you for nominating me! I don’t always participate in these types of things, but I thought I could do something with this one. It doesn’t say so in the post, but I’ve been blogging for about seven years now on and off.

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  1. No, they play tomorrow night against the Arizona Cardinals. I fear 1-6 may be on the horizon…but I hope they can finally pull one out if it’s close. Seems they do just enough to not get over the hump in these games.


  2. awwww … thanks for nominating me! I really will participate … I’m just a bit slow with these sorts of things. But, it looks like a very good project for my off-season!

    I really enjoy reading your blog … and it’s so nice to have another Orioles fan out there, because sometimes I need a hug, even if it’s through the ether, and someone to say, “There. There. It will be ok. There will be other first basemen. There will be other World Series.”

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