Ravens Review: More Of The Same

The game against the Arizona Cardinals was like the Baltimore Ravens season in microcosm. Some good, some bad, and some awful, mixed in with a little bad luck. I’m beginning to think the Ravens have buzzard’s bad luck-they can’t kill nothing, and nothing won’t die.

The Ravens lost to the Cardinals 26-18 on Monday Night Football. Thankfully, they didn’t stink up the joint on national television. But a loss is a loss, just as a win is a win. And wins for this team, so far this season, have been hard to come by. Even so, it goes down as another single-point loss; another in the “not quite good enough” to win column.

Even successful plays can go wrong with this team. The Ravens were driving down field about to score what would hopefully be a touchdown, when John Urschel came into the game to report as an eligible receiver. He did as he should have by reporting to the referees and giving the signal. The play worked well, and Urschel caught a pass and gained a first down. Of course, the referees called a penalty for ineligible receiver and the Ravens had to settle for three points.

I know a lot of Ravens fans who say the refs are against the team anyway, but I don’t think this was a case of that. This was just more bad luck for a team that needed a break in the worst way.

As far as the rest of the game—it was much like others this season. There was Jeremy Ross’ fumble of a punt after the Ravens defense managed to hold the Cardinals to a three and out. Naturally the Cardinals scored a touchdown just before halftime. There was Eugene Monroe getting turnstiled by Dwight Freeney for a sack of Joe Flacco. And then, with the Ravens heading downfield trying to score a touchdown that could set up a game-tying two point conversion, the story that their communications equipment went out during the drive, which ended with another game-sealing interception by the Cardinal defense.

I still love them, these Ravens. Philip Rivers and never-tiring arm (100+ pass attempts the last two Sundays) are coming to the Bank on Sunday. I fear it could be a long day. But no longer than these other winless Sundays have been.

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