Stephen Curry Redefines NBA Highlights

I usually don’t write a lot about the NBA; not because I don’t like it, but because there isn’t a whole lot I feel like writing about it. Something amazing goes on nearly every game night, and I really can’t make a lot of time to write about everything.

Watching NBA highlights usually is nothing more than a dunk fest—meaning that the highlight package is crammed almost wall-to-wall with dunks, with the occasional crafty move to the basket, long 3-point shot or great defensive play thrown in. But every now and then, you get what Stephen Curry did last night against the New Orleans Pelicans. He doesn’t even dunk once—Curry plays primarily below the rim. It’s what he does when he gets in the zone and heats up shooting-wise. You are liable to see a display similar to last night’s 28-point third quarter, which was part of a 53-point night—with crazy three-pointers and drives to the basket that don’t even threaten the rim:

And that video doesn’t even include what I think is his best play of the night. Watch this over the head, no-look assist for a dunk by Harrison Barnes:

Ever since he has been able to remain healthy, we are getting almost nightly doses of his greatness. If he’s not the best player in the game, or if you think he didn’t deserve the MVP trophy last year, so what? He is a superstar, without question. I know he was basically a one-man team at Davidson when he led them to the Elite 8 in his last college season, but I don’t think anyone saw this level of play coming from him in the NBA.

So, yes. Curry is redefining NBA highlights, with his amazing shooting touch, his array of shotmaking, ballhandling and passing making for just as many ooh and ahh moments as any collection of dunks ever could.

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