Why Do I Blog? Yeah, That’s Why

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

Why do I blog? That is a good question. In fact, the only place that question ever gets asked is either from another blogger or in prompts like these. No one I know has ever asked me why I blog—or for that matter, ever asked me if I have a blog, or what my blog is called. So, if you got here late, its called A Joyful Process. It has its own theme music, too. But to answer the question, why do I blog? Here’s why:

I blog because it’s a good way to be creative. Writing a coherent blog post (or anything coherent for that matter) is for me at least, fun. I enjoy trying to come up with things to say and to write them well (or at least well enough for someone to understand what I am trying to say).

I blog because I am something of a feedback junkie-ok, I am a feedback junkie. It’s nice to see comments, and nice to see someone likes what you have created out of thin air, or the humming neurons in your brain.

I blog because what I write can create a sense of community with other bloggers who understand what it’s like to overcome a mental block when you just can’t or won’t write anything. It also allows me to share my thoughts with the world, and it allows other bloggers to share their thoughts and opinions with me.

Mostly-I blog because I think it’s fun. Creating a post from an idea, a spark, or even a phrase you hear is like putting a puzzle together, and it always feels good when you finally complete the puzzle.

Yeah, that’s why I blog.

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