The Jukebox In My Head Has Its Wires Crossed

Yojukebox-303367_1280u might be able to tell from a couple of the posts here so far, I like music. I like music a lot. Often, after listening to music, a song will get stuck in my head and won’t leave. This can be a good thing, like when you hear a new song and you like it so much you have to find it right away and hear it as soon as you can. Sometimes though, the result isn’t quite as great-particularly while at work. Often I will hum something in my head while on the job; it can help the time pass by. However the song only sticks around for a little while. One work day, the following song was embedded in my brain and would not go away:

Not sure where that came from, particularly at 2:30 in the afternoon. I mean, it’s not like a dance line just broke out in the Finance office where I work. Yet there I was, humming chorus after chorus of the “Cupid Shuffle.” And no, for those of you familiar with the song, I did not break out into dance. Would’ve been a sight to see though; a one-man Cupid Shuffle line.

Fast forward to the next day at work, around the same time of day, and a completely different song enters my brain and takes up residence:

While I wouldn’t consider myself James Taylor’s biggest fan, I do like his songs. But how far from 2000’s line dance music can you get with 70’s singer-songwriter tunes? Taylor’s song is a cover version of a 1960 R&B hit by Jimmie Jones, that was also covered four years later by Del Shannon. I’ve heard the Jones version (but not Shannon’s), and can tell you I prefer Taylor’s. Nevertheless, I’m not sure what made that pop in my head while working on delinquent notices for unpaid property taxes.

Then there was the morning I was walking into the office, and this song camped out for awhile (if you need a warning—listen on your job at your own risk):

It’s 7:50 in the morning. Who is humming strip club anthems at that time in the morning—except me, maybe. That one was dug in so deep in the mind, it carried me through until the lunch hour. Not sure what that says about the song—or me, for that matter.

While the title may say the jukebox has its wires crossed, what it really means is that I can go for different types of music no matter what I am doing. I may go on and on about R&B, or rap, but I like a little bit of a lot of music. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Now when this song is stuck in my head during the work day:

That’s for a whole ‘nother post.

5 Replies to “The Jukebox In My Head Has Its Wires Crossed”

  1. CUPID SHUFFLE! There isn’t even a hint of sarcasm when I say: Thank You! I am positively delighted to report that this is now today’s theme song.

    To the right…to the right…WOO!

    (I did enjoy the whole post, by the way. Just stuck on the Cupid Shuffle!)

    Liked by 2 people

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