To My Daughter On Her Wedding Day

[This was a post from my old blog that I had planned to post here last month on the two-year anniversary of my oldest daughter’s wedding. But I let the date get past me, so it didn’t get done. So now I will do it today, as part of my “re-post” week.]

This is a letter I wrote to my oldest daughter, and read during the rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding.


Congratulations to you and your soon to be husband, as you both step into a milestone moment.  Seems it wasn’t all that long ago I wondered if you were too high-maintenance for something like this to ever take place. Even though you are still a bit on the high maintenance side-it doesn’t matter if you have someone who loves you for all your individualities, just the way you are.

Parents always want to try to protect their children from being hurt, but experience has been a good teacher for you. You’ve been through some ups and downs along the way, and your heart has been scarred by some of the things you have gone through.  But without experiencing the bad things, or knowing the things you don’t want, you can’t ever really appreciate the good when it comes into your life. I’m here to say that those scars your heart has endured have prepared you for this moment, by allowing you to find, appreciate and love the good man that you are about to marry.

A little over ten years ago, I told everyone in earshot how I would be there for you and your sister, and that I would be a father to you both. Even as you are an adult now, your mother and I will still be there when you need us. Thank you for making that journey a blessed one for me. Please know that I am happy for you, proud of you, and honored to walk you down the aisle. You will now walk a new path, with a new man standing with you and beside you. May God bless your union, and know that I love you and always will.

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