Today Is Worldwide Selfie Day for Paris

Let’s all join in…the post tells it all! Of course, I had to do it a bit differently…IMAG0090

The Phil Factor

Paris after 9/11 Paris after 9/11

Why is today, Saturday November 14th Worldwide Selfie Day? Because we need it. The whole world needs it. We need to show the terrorists that they can’t take away our smiles. We need to show them that we will not hide. We need to show the Parisians that the rest of the world is there for them the way they were for us after 9/11.  This week we will mourn those that died and mourn the sense of safety and security that we had when we woke up yesterday, but we will not fear.

Yesterday I saw someone on Twitter blame “social media” for the Paris attacks because terrorists have used social media to recruit members. Social media is a tool, like a hammer. With a hammer you can pound enough nails in enough boards to build a church or a school, or you can use…

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