A Poem For Paris. It moved me this morning.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

The only certainty
Is in the quiet calm of morning
Of the day after
The sun will rise
Perhaps unseen
Hidden behind the darkest cloud
Falling like mist
Smothering the light
It still remains
The rising sun
Carrier of the lost thought
Scattered and unfocused
Wandering the surface
Searching for salvation,
Moving through the darkness
Into the faint coming of a new day
Leaving the sadness behind
Of the humanity of all as one
United as the red spills to the floor
From the cup once toasted
In joy and now dripping down
Into the cracks of history.
Everywhere a moment,
A place where for but an hour
Time stopped and souls stood
Open mouth gaping
At the carnage of horror,
Never grasping the hate
As the hearts of those so pure
Unable to understand
That some are not the same,
That the numbers adding up
Everywhere that…

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