Leila Hegazy Asks Us To “Try”

A couple years ago, on the old blog, I “discovered” a young female singer from New York named Leila Hegazy. Discovered is in quotes, because the only way she was discovered by me was that she began following me on Twitter. I surmised that because my bio has the words “music lover” in it, that she thought I would be someone who would listen to her music. I admit, in most cases, when I get follows from musicians, I accept it and just move on, but in this one case, I did not. After listening to her album Looking Glass from her Bandcamp page, I went ahead and purchased it. I remember back then falling in love with her voice, and in particular the song “Monday,” intrigued me.

Well after three long years, that voice has made a reappearance into my space. A new single, entitled “Maybe If We Try,” found its way onto my Soundcloud page. Again, I was not disappointed. I’ve listened to it every day for a week straight. The handclaps and backup only enhance the outstanding voice I remembered from years ago. If anything, she sounds even better now than she did then.

If you like the song enough to get your own copy, you can download it for free, or pay what you want at the Bandcamp page. And if you really like what she does, be sure to check out her other offerings, also at that page.

And as always, if you listen to the song and have any impressions, good or bad, be sure to share them in the comments.

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