Ladies And Gentlemen, The Liebster Award Winner!

Too much? Probably, since I’m not the only award winner out here in these streets.

Nevertheless, I thank Chape from the Chape Personal Trainer blog for the nomination. And as always, there are rules (rules!-always rules!) to accept this award. The rules are as follows:

  1. Use the picture.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Nominate 10 blogs.
  4. Ask the same questions.

First, the picture:


Second, the questions:

Which literary genre do you prefer? Mysteries or Thrillers

Which book you know and love? Devil In A Blue Dress

Which book you’re passionate about now? Not passionate, but I’m currently reading The Passage. Yes, I know I’m behind!

Why did you start blogging? Because it was a way for me to write and express my thoughts.

Order or chaos? Order

Where would you like to live? As long as I’m living, it doesn’t matter.

Starry sky or sunset? Starry sky

Better the paper book, rather than the ebook? Yes, but ebooks are gaining.

What is the writing for you? Do you see it as a hobby or hoping for a future as a writer? Strictly a hobby.

What do you think about social networks? A double-edged sword; can be used for good or evil. Plus too much of them is not a good thing.

I think that I will pass on the ten bloggers. Most of the bloggers I know have already gotten this award. So, if you would like to take a crack at the questions, feel free.

Thanks again, Chape, for the nomination! Be sure to check out his blog

4 Replies to “Ladies And Gentlemen, The Liebster Award Winner!”

  1. Well here you go … you want some baseball questions? The Baseball Bloggess has LOTS of relevant and important questions for you … maybe enough for your next post!

    Where does baseball fall on your list of important things in life?

    Why are the Orioles your team? How long have you been a fan?

    Best players of all time? (If Willie Mays is not on your list, please explain, with details and footnotes, why not.)

    Is the Designated Hitter Rule really so bad?

    Did you/do you play? If so, your best position?

    Best game you ever saw was?

    Any brushes with baseball greatness – that is, were you at an iconic game or have you met a player, etc?

    Do you believe in the Curse of Jeffrey Maier?

    If you had to root for either the Yankees or the Red Sox – because you had to, that’s why – which team and why?

    Any baseball memorabilia in your collection? How do you feel about baseball cards?

    If you can sit anywhere at a game … behind home plate, along the lines, bleachers, etc … where would you sit and why?

    Where do you stand on Pete Rose? Is gambling on baseball so bad? Was he/is he being treated unfairly? Do you put him in your Hall of Fame?

    For people who think baseball is boring and slow, how do you convince them otherwise?

    If you could be at one game – any game – in the history of baseball, which game would you be at and why?

    Any favorite baseball movies or books?

    If you could change one rule in the game, which one would you change?

    Mr. Angelos just gave you a big pile of money, you can choose one free agent from this year’s class to join the O’s in 2016. Who joins the team?

    I could keep going … 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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