One Song, Two Ways: “Caught Up In The Rapture”

One of the many pleasures music can give to those who love it is that great songs can be interpreted in different ways by many artists. In this post, we take a look at two different versions of “Caught Up In The Rapture,” as made famous by Anita Baker.

Baker’s version is one of my favorite songs of hers. The easy-breezy tempo, and Baker’s phrasing are but two of the highlights of this mid-tempo ballad. The song became a top-10 hit on the R&B charts as well as a top 40 pop hit for Baker back in 1986, helping to propel the album Rapture into a worldwide smash hit.

There was talk of new music coming from Ms. Baker a few years ago, as a cover of Tyrese’s “Lately” was released, but nothing has materialized. Here’s hoping we hear some new music from her soon.

A singer coming back into some prominence after a few years of record company drama is JoJo, aka Joanna Levesque. JoJo has not had a proper album released since 2006, but spent her time putting out EP’s and mixtapes. She recently released a “tringle, ” a three single EP of new music entitled III, which hints that possibly a new album may be on the way. Last year, she released the mixtape #LoveJo, which contained her cover version of “Caught Up In The Rapture.” Her version has a bit more hip-hop to it, after an intro that sounds much like the original. While I realize that JoJo is more of a pop vocalist, I do like this take on the song as well, but for much different reasons.

The beat, once the programmed drums kick in, gives the song a bit more of an aggressive feel, and while I would never say her vocal is better than Baker’s, I don’t have a problem with her take on the song. The only quibble I have is that the song does run a bit too long, but to me that is minor nitpicking.

Which version do you prefer, or do you like both versions like I do? Give your thoughts in the comments, if so inclined.

6 Replies to “One Song, Two Ways: “Caught Up In The Rapture””

  1. Anita Baker is better. That’s an OLD song but it’s still good. I remember my mom playing that song. I don’t really like the second version. I completely forgot about Jojo! I think I remember one of her songs called Get Out.

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