What Sticks With You

It’s amazing what you can remember from your days as a child. For me, one of my memories goes back to Sunday mornings at home with my mom, my sister and my grandmother. The smell of sausage and hominy grits cooking for breakfast (not every Sunday). Being awakened by the smell and either getting ready for Sunday school and church, or on the occasional Sunday morning, listening to the AM radio crackle and pop with gospel music.

If we weren’t in church on Sunday mornings, we always listened to gospel music in the mornings. In those days, that meant listening to WWIN-AM and the Melodies of Inspiration show, and its DJ, Mary C (aka Mary Clayborn). She would always play gospel favorites that folks would call in to request, as well as read announcements from churches. I remember that her show lasted until noon, and that we  heard it all the way to the end every Sunday.

At the end of every show, Mary C. would play this particular song that I could never understand the lyrics to, but I always knew that it meant the show was about to end. Yet even today, when I hear that song, it takes me back to that time all those years ago. I also believe that my Mom loved to hear the song as well; even though she doesn’t read the blog, I’m going to see that she gets a copy of this song. Maybe it will bring back memories to her that the song, and those Sunday mornings, gave to me.

The People’s Choir of Operation PUSH-“He Included Me”

3 Replies to “What Sticks With You”

  1. We usually remember our favorite foods and songs from childhood. I’m glad I still get to eat my mom’s and grandma’s cooking. I’m glad they taught me a thing or two about cooking. If I had more time, I’d cook more.

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