Give It Up For “Henny & Gingerale”

I know, I should just let it go. Shouldn’t even bring the topic back up. It’s old news.

Still, I wonder: what made Blurred Lines the target of the Gaye family, and not this song right here?

My guess is that even though to these ears this song sounds much MORE like “Got To Give It Up” than “Blurred Lines” did, the latter song made a ton more money and made a more inviting target for a lawsuit. Am I being a bit too cynical?

Anyway, I do love the song because of the similar feel (especially the drum hits at the end of certain bars); the video looks like a party that I would love to attend…and it apparently is a natural advertisement for Hennessy Cognac. Not that I’m trying to out Mr. Hawthorne and his musical achievement here, but you have to admit—it sounds much closer to the Gaye classic than the Robin Thicke mega-hit.

Mr. Hawthorne put this song out three years ago, so maybe that might have something to do with it also escaping the Gaye family. Everyone knew what “Blurred Lines” was; maybe a few thousand folks had ever heard “Henny & Gingerale.” Hawthorne also copped that the song was a “tribute” to Marvin Gaye, so maybe that played a part as well in avoiding a lawsuit.

Around the time that the song was released, A Digital Needle out of Toronto put out on Soundcloud an extended 12″ edit of “Henny & Gingerale,” which only added some length for extra-grooviness. That version of the song was released for purchase in July, and is available at Bandcamp for about $0.75 US ($1 Canadian) on their page at the site, if you are so inclined.

As a point of reference, here is the Gaye song (short version this time):

Leave your impressions in the comments…

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