Bigger, Better Shrimp



Courtesy of Red Lobster

Perusing the interwebs this week, I found this BuzzFeed article noting that that Red Lobster will be increasing the size of the shrimp in its dishes. Not just any old increase either: the shrimp will be “47 to 86 percent larger.” Why so specific I have no idea; perhaps that range of increase is what will draw customers in by the boatload (though I have yet to see a Red Lobster anywhere near any water body).

I have been to Red Lobster many times, but I have never ever complained about the size of the shrimp in their dishes. Neither has anyone in my family, at least as far as I know. However, according to the article, this has become something of an anchor on its popularity, at least according to the following tweets.

Besides a fondness for the word ass and its variants in these tweets, they all have complaints against the size of the shrimp. The article goes on to explain how certain dishes will be affected, as well as the comparative before and after sizes of the shrimp. Interesting stuff.

Let’s see if it works, though I suspect that most diners could care less. If they are hungry enough, and have a taste for it, Red Lobster is going to see them piling in as if there was never a problem. If you are a Red Lobster fan, will the bigger shrimp be a draw to you, or were you going anyway because of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits? Take the poll below, and let me know your thoughts.


8 Replies to “Bigger, Better Shrimp”

  1. I don’t think so. I think I went about two years ago because it was someone’s birthday and they invited me. The food wasn’t as good as it used to be and they cut down their portions a lot. I always got the flounder and it wasn’t that much. I like their bread though.

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    1. My mother loves it and other people I know like it a lot. I don’t go very often, unless someone else wants to go. It’s also about a 45 minute drive from where I live now, so that doesn’t make it any easier.
      Everyone loves the biscuits though.

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  2. I just go for the lobster, in all honesty – can’t get live it on the west coast. Still, I get my fill of fresh, local seafood that people in other locales pay a mint for (Dungeness crab, Alaskan spot prawns, Copper River salmon, halibut, oysters, etc.), so it’s always variable.

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