Ravens Review:Will With A Thrill

If you are a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, the Monday Night football game against the Cleveland Browns followed a typical script. Moments of good play, moments of bad play, moments of WTF play, mixed with some bad penalties, a dash of bad luck and eventually a win or more likely, a loss—all within six points or less.

All of that was on display and more, although this time there was some good fortune at the most opportune time. With the Browns lined up to kick a potential game-winning field goal, Brent Urban blocked the kick and Will Hill ran the ball back 63 yards for a game-winning touchdown for the Ravens. To say that was an improbable victory is quite the understatement. Urban, playing in his first game for the team all season, made perhaps the biggest play of the season by blocking that kick. Hill, one of the goats in the loss to the Oakland Raiders earlier in the season, scooped up the ball and scoring almost untouched to win the game.

Matt Schaub (aka The Interception Machine), started at quarterback for the Ravens in place of the injured Joe Flacco, and did a serviceable job, but not without some headache inducing plays. Two interceptions, one a pick six by Karlos Dansby and another that helped put the Browns in good position to win the game late, almost put the game in the loss column. But thanks to his teammates, victory was rescued at the last possible second.

The bar for the Ravens at this point is set pretty low-with all the injuries-the Ravens are at the point where they hope to have enough bodies just to play in the games, and with the team pretty decimated, they still come out to fight and somehow keep themselves in games. One thing you can say about this team, they keep fighting. They haven’t been blown out so far, but they can’t finish teams either.

Onward and upward: at 4-7, the Ravens are two games out of a Wild Card playoff spot. It’s still unlikely that they get it, but they have won 2 games in a row now, something they hadn’t done all season. Another road game awaits on Sunday-this one against the Miami Dolphins, themselves struggling with a 4-7 record. A win, however unlikely, gives the team a three-game winning streak-something that a few weeks ago seemed just as improbable as last night’s win.

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