Ravens Review: This One Is Personal

Let’s get it right out of the way, shall we: the Ravens lost yesterday to the Miami Dolphins by a score of 15-13. In many of the metrics used to win football games, the Ravens did fairly well—they dominated time of possession, the defense played well (for once!) and they moved the ball regularly against the Dolphins defense. So what happened? Well, Matt Schaub Schaub-ed again, throwing two interceptions in a twenty second span that led to the two Miami touchdowns-and one of those just had to be a pick-six. The team also had a touchdown taken off the scoreboard by a mystery pass-interference penalty, failed to gain one inch on a fourth down play inside the Dolphins’ two-yard line, had a two point special teams play called back for offsides, and Justin Tucker missed another field goal. In other words, your typical Ravens loss in this 2015 season.

So why was this 0ne personal? Well, I had to decide to go in on a bet with a friend of mine. The bet? If my team won, he would have to wear a Ravens jersey to happy hour. But if the Dolphins were victorious, I would be wearing a Dolphins jersey to happy hour. Well, the Dolphins won, so I’ll be wearing:


That’s right. A Dan Marino special. Can’t wait to wear that one (said with all the sarcasm I can muster).

As for the team that has cost me twice in bets this year (a loss to the San Francisco 49ers earlier this year cost me in my pockets with a bartender at my happy hour spot), they have four games remaining. I think we can all put to rest any talk of playoffs. Short of some kind of miracle from the football gods, this team will be home when playoff time comes around in January. So there will be plenty of room for me, the Ravens and other fans in the loser’s lounge this season.

P.S. If there are any Ravens players healthy at the end of the season that have gone the full sixteen games without missing any, can those guys get certificates like perfect attendance ones we used to get way back in school days?


16 Replies to “Ravens Review: This One Is Personal”

  1. Ah. You are way better off than me. My team, Chelsea FC(football/soccer)is doing so badly right now, that it’s a surprise when we win. But even in our glory days, I never fell for the bet! I have such bad luck that the one time I bet us to win, will be the day we lose.
    Good luck? 🙂

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    1. I know your frustration… I follow the English Premier League and I too root for Chelsea. I am utterly astounded as to a team that practically waltzed to the title last season can look so bad this year with basically the same people.

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      1. That right there should got to the top of the list of ‘world’s unsolved mysteries’. Am currently on ‘wait and see’ mode. If we are out of Champions league come Thursday though…I may just break down.

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