A Smooth Jazzy Breath Of Heaven

For whatever reason, I’ve been listening to quite of bit of what is called “smooth jazz” lately (but what really is mostly just instrumental pop). At any rate, with time now being in the range of when I can accept hearing Christmas music, I thought I would share one of my favorite Christmas songs.

The inspiration for sharing comes from the My OBT (One Beautiful Thing) blog. Donna’s blog focuses on her quest for one beautiful thing each day and features some amazing creations she finds. Please check it out.

The post she made regarding the Christmas song Breath Of Heaven features several good versions of the song, as well as a brief history of its creation. For me, the version I first heard was from Boney James, but that’s not the version I’ll feature here. The one here was done by Grover Washington, Jr., the famed fusion saxophonist, with vocals by Lisa Fischer. Fischer is best known in R&B circles for her hit “How Can I Ease The Pain,” but she never recorded a follow up to her debut album. She has found peace being a background singer, and you can see her story in the film 20 Feet From Stardom, a film about the life of background singers.

At any rate, here’s their version of the song, previously made famous by Amy Grant. Enjoy.

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